Why Rebuild Your Aluminum Oil/Air Coolers?

We will improve the core over the OEM design, achieving greater cooling capacity, heat transfer efficiency, and overall core strength in the form of improved fin, tube, and header plate designs.

We have two core styles to choose from:

  1. OE-style Xbar core (single row, mullti-galleried, extruded tube, bar-and-plate style header) *very similar to OEM, but using extruded tubes*
  2. X325 core (2 rows of multi-galleried, extruded tubes, 0.325″ thick CNC punched header)

The OE-style Xbar core is an inexpensive, good quality core using extruded tubes versus the bar-and-plate tubes most OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) use.

The X325 core is a high-quality core using two or more rows of extruded tubes vacuum-brazed into a .325″ CNC punched header plate. This core style improves tank to core seam quality/strength, header plate strength (less chance of aluminum fatigue/cracking at header), and increases oil flow capacity by as much as 25-30%.

If it’s contaminated or damaged, we clean and fix it efficiently and cost effectively. If it’s beyond repair, we install a high-quality, long-term replacement (usually in stock). We’ll always find the solution that makes the most sense for your situation.

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